Christina & Michael: Engaged

BABY DUCKS & LOVE in one photo yes please. This shoot was so fun, even though I was extremely nervous when Christina first suggested having the ducks in the shoot…I don't photograph many animals and it was out of my comfort zone. To my pleasant surprise the ducks were extremely well behaved. I am pretty sure they are going to be waddling down the aisle on the Wedding day.

Edward & Sarah: Battery Gardens

Edward & Sarah got married at Battery Gardens on one of those Perfect NYC summer days. Battery Gardens is one of my favorite Venues in New York because of the location and it's classic NYC feel. Sarah got ready at the most beautiful suite at the W Hotel downtown. She was a truly stunning bride! Edward is pretty much the sweetest Englishmen you will ever meet and gave this speech during dinner about how much he loved Sarah and how they met, not a dry eye in the place. Enjoy!

Venue: Battery Gardens, NY, NY. 2nd Photographer: Alexis June Weddings 

Kristen & John: Raleigh, NC

I had the pleasure of working with my sister in Raleigh, NC this past Saturday. We photographed the sweetest couple who got married at a beautiful little white church and had an intimate reception at Cafe Luna. The bride Kristen reminded me of a young Liza Minnelli. Such a classic beauty. They were so in love! I could not help but almost start crying at multiple points throughout the night.

Change Is Good

I am happy to say that with 2014 comes the launch of a new site and lots of changes. Felix Studios is born! I am so excited to be joining forces with my amazing and talented sister Jessie Felix this year. In doing so I have re-branded and am no longer Sasha Felix photography but Felix Studios. Really thrilled about this change and excited for all that this year has in store. 

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