We are storytellers, immortalizing the most important times of your life, whether it be a wedding, engagement, elopement, birth or any occasion. We offer a unique and creative approach to that special day. We pride ourselves on our work as a team, we like to think of it as an intricate dance routine. Being sisters there is a bond, where one leaves off the other begins. Knowing each others movements and styles, we know where we are needed, making sure that every shot is taken. Sasha Felix is a fine art and fashion photographer turned wedding photographer extraordinaire, she began her wedding photography career in Brooklyn, NY and now splits her time between New York and the west coast. Sasha has an incredible eye for editorial work and details. Sasha has recently teamed up with her sister Jessie Felix who is a full spectrum photographer from fine art to photojournalism as well as a world traveler. Together with an infrangible bond, work ethic and a passion for storytelling Sasha and Jessie put their whole hearts into every image to make it as unique as those in it.